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    • Anne Stone Sweet

      Thanks for popping over x They do say that the Toddle bike is a good transition bike for a balance bike, it can be used from 18 months. I don't think the Little Man is quite ready for a balance bike yet but I'm hoping that once he is, having had one of these will make it easier for him.

  1. Emma T

    Wish I'd known about toddlebikes before getting N a balance bike. His is just a touch too big at the mo (so we just have me pushing him round the house at the moment) so one of those would have been brilliant.

  2. Anne Stone Sweet

    thanks for commenting Emma x The thing I love most about the Toddlebike is how easy Little Man took to it, I know it can be a little more difficult for a younger child but they all need to start somewhere. I'm sure N will be zooming around on his balance bike soon enough 🙂

  3. Nichola Fabfortymum

    He is just having a great time and the bike is a smashing idea. Now that spring might be on the way, I bet he'll want out on it every day. It's just lovely being able to spend time outside with them

  4. Jaime Oliver

    This is amazing! i am looking for a bike/trike for Joshua (23 months) and this looks fab! it certainly looks like you had fun with it!

    Sorry its taken me so long to pop over from the Coombe Mill Linky! x

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