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  1. sharonxx

    If it were me I'd have one party for all three at the same time while they're still little. Ethan as you know is the 8th Aug and we too have the same issue regarding people being away or quite simply forgetting to show if it's too far into the summer break. I've learnt my lesson and always have his party in the first week after they break-up for the summer. Most people are still around then and it's close enough to the end of term for a) me to remind them verbally about the party during the last couple of days of term and b) also close enough to the invites going out for them not to forget. I also take mobile numbers so I can contact people in case of an emergency or even to text the day before to say we're looking forward to seeing them at the Party.

    I agree, amusing them is exhausting and I only have one demanding my time. I'll be interested to see what you decide so keep us posted xx

  2. sharonxx

    Oh and ps he's having it at 360 Play this year which is an indoor soft play facility. It's beyond huge. I just have to show up with a cake and some balloons and they do the rest for you….bliss….

  3. The Brick Castle

    Two of mine have birthdays 6 days apart, and only 3 weeks before Christmas. Another has his birthday just after Christmas – guess what I stopped doing in March! 😀

    You really are very fortunate that yours have birthdays in the Summer – you at least have the option of outdoors, even if it's under a gazebo, and they aren't already going to be getting tons of stuff for Christmas around the same time 🙂

  4. Nicole

    My 2 older boys birthdays are 5 days apart and 2 weeks before Christmas. Luckily my 3rd little guys birthday is at the end of may. It's hard having there birthdays so close and right before Christmas.

  5. Clairejustine oxox

    Great thing is lots of partys lots of cake (thats what I think):)

    I have 2 of my 4 childrens in the next 2 weeks, summer partys are the best, we are having a bbq for my 19 year old weather being good and my daughter loves outside partys too so it might be another bbq with lots of cake 🙂

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