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  1. Anonymous

    Interestingly MK council have just taken BACK responsibility for school places to prevent the schools cherry picking who they want [and who they don't]. Although a lot of the parents don't like this, it is a much fairer way of doing things and it means that catchment areas are adhered to again which was not the case when schools had control over intake. The only exception is the Catholic schools, who can decide who they accept through their criteria but even then if they've got a space and no waiting list then they have to offer that place to the next applicant no matter what their religious leanings. Everyone has to apply through the council here, even for faith schools…

    I can well believe that council departments don't talk to each other but it is totally ridiculous isn't it??

    If they do put your children into different schools or schools that require transport have you asked if they're willing to foot the bill for that?? If you can't physically get them there due to lack of a vehicle or lack of money then that is not your fault. They can't reasonably expect you to be in two or three different places at the same either. Miracle workers we mothers are not.

    As you know we homeschooled Ethan for a couple of years. It was lovely but we both took it onboard and enjoyed it. However, it was Ethan who wanted to go to school eventually as he wanted the social interaction with children his own age. No matter how much you try it is pretty much impossible to recreate that at home. We went out loads, joined the local Home Ed network etc but even then it's just not the same as school. He is an extremely sociable child and does three after school sports clubs, two of which are free. You just can't find that for free if you home ed. There are pros and cons but overall I don't regret sending him to school. I did at the start, but not now…

    This will sort itself out for you as they can't just not be given a place at school. I think you may have to fight a bit to make it doable especially if they're split up or given places at a silly distance away. What you're asking for is not unreasonable so stick to your guns. Can you give your paperwork relating to the new house as proof that you're moving??

    Keep us posted. Can totally understand your frustration, I'd be just the same. Drove the council and school nuts when we moved to MK. I think they just gave Millie a place to get me off their backs lol…


    Sharon xx

  2. Steph Curtis

    Gosh, really hope all this works out and is sorted for you before September – what a nightmare! Good luck with getting what you want – and what's right for the children, which should be their first decider!

  3. The Beesley Buzz

    I'm sure it will all work out ok – sometimes things only just work out at the last minute when we would like it to be sooner – but they usually do work out in the end! As someone who really didn't think I could ever cope with homeschooling, I have to say it has been the BEST 3 years of our lives. My sons have thrived and that in itself has been proof to those whose backing we didn't initially have that it has been the best choice for them. Also homeschooling doesn't have to be a permanent choice – just until a space comes up in the school you want. I know several people who have done it as a short term solution and a place has come up for all of them. I'm sure you would be great as a homeschooler – children learn so well when they have 1:1 attention and you don't need to do anywhere near as many hours as they do at school because they learn so much better when everything is tailored to their needs, interests and at a level that is just right for them. Good luck with it all – hope it is sorted quickly for you. xxx

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