Halloween Craft and Story Time

The Little Man has settled well into his nursery, he’s had a few teething problems getting on with the other children but nothing too bad, he seems to have made friends anyway. Today I joined him for the last hour before he broke up for half term. We did some crafts together, we decorated an orange (like a scary pumpkin) and made some spider cupcakes as well as some cutting and sticking activities. Afterwards we were stuffed with lots of sweet sugary things and E numbers before being allowed home for the afternoon. I thought he would be all hyped up, but quite the opposite, he’s currently snoring his little head off here next to me.

The Little Man’s Halloween crafts (no cupcake, he ate it!)

Yesterday while in the bath he told me that he had heard the story of Snow White in nursery. So I asked him who Snow White lived with and he replied ‘her daddy’ mmmm I thought, so I asked him ‘what about the seven dwarfs’? He replied, ‘they huffed and they puffed and they blowed the house down’

I’m thinking he may have got his stories a little mixed up!

Wot So Funee?

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