These Shoes Were Made For Walking

I’d love to be able to run, I’d practice every day and enter marathons when I could. What a great way to keep fit and healthy. However, running is not for me, and a lot of other exercise are ruled out too, but there is one thing that I do really well and that is walk. I recently decided to increase my walking to make sure I was doing 10,000 steps every day and I’m pretty much there five days a week. You can see my tips for walking in my post, I Would Walk 10000 Steps.

It’s important to have the right footware when walking (or running if you are lucky enough to be able to.) There is nothing worse than painful feet, and bad footwear is sure to hamper your efforts. 
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These are running shoes, but they are great for walking too. I love the spongy soul which is great for combating foot fatigue. I love the neon pink too, I think they look great.
I love walking as exercise. Of course I do a lot of my daily walking doing the school run, but it’s after I’ve dropped the kids off at school that I can get down to some serious walking. I like to spend around 30 minutes walking each day, it has so many benefits.
  • Walking is a cardio-vascular exercise that keeps you fit and can also help you lose weight.
  • Walking is low impact so it doesn’t carry the same potential risk of injury as running.
  • It strengthens bones and helps maintains healthy joints.
  • It energises you by boosting your circulation and increasing oxygen in your cells, stopping you feeling sluggish.
  • Walking releasing endorphins which help to keep you happy and reduce stress and anxiety.
  • If done properly, thinking about your posture while walking you can also help slim your waist and arms, so it’s a good all round exercise.

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