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  1. Ann

    I totally agree with you on this one.. besides right at the moment Macmillan are in the public eye with their coffee mornings.. Funny enough I was thinking of blogging about this last night but hadnt got around to it..

    Ann (always confused as it never lets me comment with my wordpress thing lol

  2. Graham Sweet

    Anne this is so very true.
    ALSO/MND need all the support they can get, and macmillan should hold their heads in shame for this. Them if all people should know it's all about awareness, and getting people talking about it. Well they have achieved the latter, but in the wrong manner.
    Charities should never compete with each other, they should help each other, they are afterall after one thing.

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      I think it's those that annoy me the most…Why do it if you have no idea why you are doing it? Plus there are those saying they are doing the ALS ice bucket challenge and donating to Macmillan, there is so much confusion about.

  3. Steph Curtis

    I was also a bit shocked to see Macmillan step in on this. I am due to have a bucket tipped on me when the rain stops, oh joy, but I'll be doing it for MND even though I have no connection to that charity and obviously do have a stronger one to another. But it would seem wrong to me to not let MND have this much needed funding as a smaller charity x

  4. Allie

    Well said Anne, totally agree with you about charities working together. You have also cleared up the mystery for me as the people who are posting videos (including some of my own FB friend) are promoting the fun aspect without showcasing the actual point of it all! xx

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