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  1. The Reading Residence

    Oh, the elusive 'time'! As you say, it's always all the more frustrating when you don't feel you've achieved loads either, though it sounds like you actually have. Hope you get some time to yourself over the weekend x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Rebecca Beesley

    Here Here – I've worked out that the day needs to be about 3 times longer than it is for me to fit in everything i need to do and want to do. So frustrating to not have enough time. We had a similar situation with a guitar for D over weds and thurs – Shop closed Weds, found another shop, only 1 type in stock, wasn't sure if right, so had to go back on thursday once we'd checked it was the right one. In the meantime he was in a rage saying i'd promised to buy it on wednesday and he couldn't comprehend that it was out of my hands. Hope you have a restful weekend with some time to yourself. x

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      I'm not sure I'd actually have the energy for any more hours in the day though. I really thought I was going to have trouble with Star when the computer she chose wasn't in stock, but she took the news really well. x

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