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  1. The Reading Residence

    Oh, I cannot even imagine this yet. I am usually with a small one and they never stay away from us! It must all feel so very quiet and empty, though, and yes, a little glimpse into the future. Hope they'll be back and noisy soon! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Eco Gites of Lénault

    It crosses my mind from time to time what it will be like when they leave the nest … and I don't like the idea of it one little bit! Hopefully your 2 have a great time and they'll be back before you know it.

  3. Cate, Me add three

    Oh yes, empty and I imagine quiet too. Sometimes all we want is peace and space, but when it comes we want the noise back again. Hope the kids have a great time and you get a house full again soon. #wotw

  4. Erica Price

    Sometimes I love the peace and quiet, but the house always feels empty when H should be here and isn't. Somehow it's fine during the school day now, but not if he does something after school if that makes sense.

  5. Debbie Roberts

    I feel the house is empty if my two go out for a few hours, so it must be strange to have your two eldest gone for more than a few hours. I think that empty is an appropriate word for you this week and I hope that your home doesn't feel empty for too much longer!

    Popped over from #WotW.

  6. Rebecca Beesley

    I feel like that whenever J is not around, I think because he can feel so demanding at times. I crave for some quiet time and then if i get it, it feels strange as it is so quiet. Hope yours have a nice time on hols. xxx

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