What is Snow?

We have been invited to take part in the House of Fraser Christmas competition to celebrate their Toy Section this year.
We were given a story and asked to finish it. The girls were happy to have a go.

We read the story together which was all about Fraser Bear drawing a picture with snow in it, then having to explain to Baby Bear what snow was.

Star finished the story off.

“Fraser Bear wished there was a way to show Baby Bear what snow was……

Just when he had no ideas left and then he thought and said “Let’s look outside” so they did. Baby Bear looked out side and saw snow.
Baby Bear recognized snow and he knew what Fraser Bear had meant.
He came to play with Frazer Bear and they had a lovely Christmas Eve.

Boo also added a little bit with her picture of Baby Bear and Frazer Bear Playing in the snow.

After that the bears went back into the house and Fraser Bear said to Baby Bear “do you know what snow is now?” and Baby Bear said “yes”

Strangely, Boo seems to think that snow is purple? 

We are big lovers of snow and hope we get some this winter. Of course, snow is best when you don’t actually have to go out anywhere. You can just go and play in the garden and come in and get warm afterwards.
We had a surreal time in July when Boo had her Frozen birthday party. We had snowball fun with polystyrene balls and made some fabulous ‘magic snow’ using a powder that expands to look and feel like snow. The kids thought it was brilliant having all the fun of the snow on which turned out to be the hottest day of the year.

fake snow.
This is our entry into the House of Fraser Story competition to win £250 of House of Fraser vouchers

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