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  1. Brandyn Blaze

    This is a fabulous post. Although I do not suffer from OCD, I do suffer from depression, anxiety, and ADHD. I believe it is incredibly important that we share our stories in order to remove the stigma from mental illness. Understanding breeds understanding, and nothing else will bring us together as a human family.


  2. Samantha P

    I read a post a bit like this a while back by Lisa of How To Be a Domestic Disgrace. I really for you and anyone who's mind does this to them. It must be a nightmare and yes, I think the term OCD is used very flippantly a lot of times but you put it in perspective for sure. Thanks so much for linking up to #thetruthabout X

  3. Suzanne W

    Thank you for sharing your story Anne – so important to attempt to understand how someone with OCD's mind works. Although I'm not sure you ever fully can, unless you experience it yourself. I'm glad you seem to have it under control.

  4. julia Pa

    Very brave to talk about this. I have a friend who has OCD. Its really hard at times, though just another part of her when its under control. Thanks for talking about it x

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