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  1. Sonia

    I really wish I could afford a new bathroom, we are a bit like you and haven't done anything with it for years! We have a leaky shower that doesn't turn off properly, a broken bath etc etc Oh well I'm sure we will get round to it one day x

  2. Nadine Hill

    I hope you win a new bathroom! I love storage so wouldn't it be fab to replace your cabinet with lots of built in storage to hide away all your toiletries… I know this is what I'd do!! Good luck:-0)

  3. oana79

    Hope you win the competition, Anne, we have quite the boring bathroom here, in our holiday apartment as well but there will be no makeover for me, I'm afraid, as we are only renting.xx

  4. Rajneesh Rana

    It’s amazing how many intriguing tidbits there are about something as everyday as the bathroom. I love learning new things, and your post certainly delivered on that front. Thanks for the sharing entertaining and enlightening blog

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