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  1. Sarah Ebner

    How stressful – but it sounds excellent that you have planned in advance and hopefully this school will be the right place for her. It sounds like they are all set up so it seems v positive.

  2. Michelle Ordever

    I know how stressful finding a secondary school is – add on top the needs of Star, and I can imagine, even more so for you all. However, it sounds like you've found a positive school – hope it all works out.

  3. Jane Escapades

    Which school is such a massive question! It sounds like you have had very positive visits though. When we were looking at schools I was shocked to hear that not all children with autism have statements, I thought it went hand in hand. I really hope the move goes well for her and you and that she is happy x

  4. Jen Walshaw

    Wow, I can not imagine what you are going through. I am stressing over Maxi starting senior school next year and we have visited four schools and my head is spinning. Adding other issues into the mix would finish me.

  5. Tracey Grannum

    Starting senior school must be like starting school for the first time! finding a school is so personal to the child but, you'll know when you find it that it's right for you
    Popping across from #wordoftheweek

  6. Rebecca Beesley

    It really is such a huge decision – especially when there have been negative experiences in the past (believe me I know all about that – at one stage we didn't think J would ever be able to cope in any school environment). Finding the right place is so crucial and it sounds like you are doing all you can to ensure she will be well looked after. As an encouragement, despite all the odds J is doing well so far at secondary – He does seem to be in the right place for him (he does have a statement though we had to battle for it because academically he is amazing so they couldn't see the need for a statement even though he couldn't even survive half a day at school in those days!) So that enabled him to go to a school with ASD provision to support him emotionally but it is a super selective grammar school so it is meeting his academic needs too. From previous experience I realise things can be such a rollercoaster – but i am thankful that it is 'so far, so good' for him at the moment. Will hope and pray that all becomes clear for you about where the right place is for her. She is such a super girl and deserves nothing less than getting into the best school to meet her needs x

  7. Mums do travel

    It sounds like the school you saw could work well for your daughter. Some big schools can work well for children with additional needs too – it depends on how they're organised and led. My son's at a very big school but it's divided in to Houses, has an excellent pastoral support system and SEN children are each allocated a mentor from the SEN team to support them and liaise with staff and parents. The school has excellent facilities, across the board, because it's so big.

  8. MummyShire

    You sound happy with your visit, which must be a relief, and reassuring too on so many levels. Best of luck with school and I hope it works for both you & Star, school is a big step forward for everyone!

  9. happyhomebird

    It sounds from your description like a positive visit and that school are very understanding. I can imagine that it is very hard though; my son has autism but severe learning difficulties and hence stays at home as there was no school nearby that was willing to accept him 🙁

  10. Steph Curtis

    My girl also has disabilities but no real special educational needs – however as you know, she doesn't 'blend in' quite so much, and I'm never sure if it's a good or bad thing!! Sounds like this school will be brilliant, they are definitely saying all the right things. Fingers crossed all goes well xx

  11. Sonya Cisco

    Sounds like a lovely school. It is always a worry for us how our different children can have their needs met, but this school sounds like they are on the ball. I hope the transition is a smooth one.

  12. Globalmouse

    I am dreading looking at secondary schools! It's a couple of years off but I'm already worrying about it. Good luck with your decisions and I'm pleased it seems to be going well.

  13. Rachel H

    Sounds like a good positive experience while visiting the secondary school. I can understand that its hard finding and making the best decision for Star.
    I wish you all the best in making the transition when it comes.

  14. jaime oliver

    what a really positive thinking school i love that they are so in-depth with their support, my best friends daughter has EDS and the school wouldn't even admit it was an issue never mind support so this is really fab to hear that this school is x

  15. SarahMummy

    It sounds like a stressful time, but encouraging that you've already found a school that could work for Star. I'd never considered that a child could have special needs, but not be SEN, but I can see how that would cause difficulties. Good luck!

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