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  1. Steph Curtis

    Oh Anne, this is so sad. Am so glad you did reconcile with your Mum before the end though, and that you have some happy memories to hold onto. Can totally understand why you'd be melancholy at this time – grief is such a difficult thing to cope with. Hugs to you xx

  2. Rebecca Beesley

    such a tragic story. like you say the pain eases but there are always going to be times of year that are going to be tough. It must be especially hard for it to be at Christmas for you. For my mum it was August – she passed away at the beginning of the month – the month of her birthday – her birthday was near the end of that month and i struggled with them not being able to bury her before her birthday- it just wasn't right. I'm sorry to hear of the other loss you mention. Some things need to remain private but must still be so painful. Thinking of you. xxx

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