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  1. Rebecca Beesley

    It is really interesting to read about this condition as i hadn't come across it before. I really hope and pray for a full recovery for you and that the pain will ease in the meantime. xxx

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      it's a rare condition, yesterday I had to tell my GP what it was, but to be fair he did work out that transverse means across and myelitis was related to the myelin of the spine and CNS.
      Thank you for your kind wishes xx

  2. Steph Curtis

    Can't begin to imagine how scary and frustrating it is for you, but I do know you are strong and you can do this – am a big believer in PMA! Hope recovery is quick and that you are being well looked after x

  3. Eveline @ Activefamilychiroaz

    Just got out of the hospital yesterday after 1 month being hospitalized, now I’m home on some medication, i can walk now and stand but not for very long, when i first got to the hospital i couldn’t move anything at all from under my arms to my toes everything was paralyzed they did blood plasma transfusion and after 2 weeks i started to walk again.

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