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  1. Let kids be kids

    It must be tough, so frustrating not being able to do these things you want to do. Take care. x

  2. Reading Residence

    This is so tough and very frustrating for you when you've lists of things you want to get done. Sounds like you're finding ways to combat it, but I suppose it always takes over in the end. I do hope today's not too much and you manage some rest over the weekend x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. debsrandomwritings

    Oh Anne, your week sounds busy enough to tire anyone. I always find sorting and tiding exhausting too, but I that's down to being pretty disorganized. On the up side you are tackling things you want to get done, just don't go over doing it!

    Your image quote did make me smile and may you have a very restful weekend blinking!


  4. Merlinda Littlke

    I was also tired this week as I am feverish from getting rained at during school run. After the next day's school run I would just sit down and stare at the wall. Like my head is empty. Still not recovered from it till today.

  5. Mummyhereandthere

    Oh it sounds like you have to deal with all the emotional side as well as physical. You have toopk after your self sometimes the best way to deal with fatigue is do things in little steps. I hope you feel better soon X #wotw

  6. John Gatesby

    I have been struggling all my life with low energy levels, right from my school days when I used to get sleepy, few minutes into the class. The same happened with my during my work. Like you, I found the same solution, I take 5- 10 minutes of short nap after 25 minutes of work and it worked for me.

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