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  1. stephstwogirls

    Have joined in. Your little girl, and you, have been through so much and I'm sure more understanding – particularly from those in the medical profession (!) would help. xx

  2. Sarah Ebner

    I'm sorry to read about this. I have a friend who has EDS and it has been a real struggle. Finding the right support and care is vital so I wish you all the best. Me and my kids have hypermobility, but I know this is a step way beyond.

  3. bavariansojourn

    Your little girl sounds so brave to cope with it all. I knew little about EDS so this was really informative, thank you. x

  4. Louise

    Great awareness post though so sorry your daughter and your family are being put through this. Hope you get the support and help you need. xxx

  5. TheMadHouse

    I have joined in. Well done for raising such a beautiful girl – living with a lifelong condition can be really hard, not only for your child, but you too. It must have been quite a traumatic time for you.

  6. Anthea

    Oh my goodness what a time of it you guys have had and how brave is your dd. So glad that your finally getting some answers and the care and support you need and thanks for letting me know about a condition I had never heard off xxx

  7. globalmouse

    Gosh, what a brave daughter you have. I think it's brilliant you're raising awareness, good luck with everything you're doing.

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