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  1. Jenny@thebrickcastle

    I'm 45 soon, and have had 5 babies. I really struggled when I was recovering from my tummy surgery, and when I had my broken leg. I was stiff and sore and very slow-moving, I was on painkillers that also slowed me down, and with my leg I was determined not to pee on my leg brace! 😀
    It's stunning just how far away the toilet is when you can't get there quickly. I'm glad your problems have eased, but I honestly think these are great and I'm sure it'll be moments before they're in my trolley!

  2. TheMadHouse

    I had two sections and thankfully didn't suffer any stress incontinence, but now, when I need to go, I need to go. I think ti is great that we talk openly about these things.

  3. Erica Price

    I think it's great that we can talk about these things more and more. If you need help with something like this, it's good to be able to get advice and learn from the experience of others.

  4. Louise

    I have really struggled when running after the birth of my third baby. I actually resorted to not hydrating myself properly because it was so uncomfortable and embarrassing. Finding a good pad that stays secure is difficult.

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