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  1. Jane

    You have a YETI! I love my YETI we got ours a year ago. I think you have done amazingly well learning how to drive this way. I hadn't driven for a while so I was nervous as they have six gears. I'm sure it will take time to get used to it. We have controls on our steering wheel just for the radio and I'm getting used to them still. I won't even go near the cruise control option. It must be great having the freedom of a car again. I love it when I have my car days. Perhaps your partner could wave thanks to the other drivers when needed, I do this all the time when I'm in the passenger seat lol Enjoy your YETI #WotW

  2. raisiebay

    We actually went to get an Octavia, but I couldn't get in and out very easily (And not by myself) so we were suggested the Yeti, which I loved but the OH not so, so I let him choose the colour. He's getting good at waving at people for me. I remember before thinking people were so rude when they didn't wave. I never event thought about those that would have trouble moving their hands.

  3. Dean B

    Well done to you for being so brave! I guess in time you'll get used to the new car, but I'm a bit annoyed with them that they didn't even bother to at least demonstrate how the car is used, or helped you do a test-drive so they'll know if the car suits your needs. #wotw

  4. liquoriceuk

    Wow I can imagine that it must take quite some getting used to having hand controls but well done for gaining confidence in the car. That first time must have been incredibly nerve-wracking – especially having been thrown in the deep end like that. #WotW

  5. Northumberland Mam

    Oh wow! I am so pleased for you! I thought they would have given you a quick lesson on how to drive it but well done you for being so brave….It sounds like you are getting the hang of driving! I hope you have lots of adventures x

  6. angiemwebster77

    So pleased you finally have your new car and good on you for not giving up, best of luck to your hubby for his test. #WotW

  7. mummyshire

    I was reading this post with my heart in my mouth at the start! It's amazing that you managed to drive it away with just a manual in your hand and having watched some YouTube videos. You're a brave woman for doing so, and clearly determined.
    It must feel good to have a car and the freedom it gives and I'm sure you'll be used to it in no time
    Happy driving!

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