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  1. sarahmo3w

    With your choice of films, are you sure you're not really my teenage son in disguise? He absolutely loves the Cornetto trilogy too. I can't bear Star Wars, I just really don't get it at all!
    Like you I love Bake Off (although I'm never inspired to bake) and The Apprentice, but I do get slightly fed up of the same tasks and the same awful personalities every series!

  2. Northumberland Mam

    I think when you start a list like this you could go on forever….I have so many fav films and tv shows.
    I have never actually seen Mamma Mia. I know I really should watch it.
    Doctor Who must be coming back on TV soon surely….It seems ages since the last series.

  3. heather moulson

    Sorry, got cut off. I found I was rooted to it more than ever.

    I love that trilogy. They're such clever boys. Shaun of the Dead scared me to death – it really became a horror film!

  4. marytheboondocksblog

    And what about Sherlock, did you forget him. I'm not British so I don't get to watch all the local stuff but I am an Anglophile and love watching BBC shows and all those period pieces with Jane Austen. My daughter is a huge period piece fan and makes me watch all sorts of tv movies with Henry and Richard and all those kings. But I am a Dr. Who fan although Capalidi was not the best doctor. What do you say? My favorite doctor was Matt Smith.

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