One Thing I Can’t Live Without

Today’s Blogtober16 prompt is to name one thing you can’t live without.

Well I’m tempted to say air! But the first thing that always comes to mind is family, I’d be nothing without them.  However, it’s quite obvious really isn’t it. The basic things in life are the things we can’t live without like food and water and sleep!

So, what is the one thing? I could also say the Internet but I’ve lived  without it before. I didn’t have my first home computer until I was 33 years old! I lived all that time without Internet even though we’ve had it since…although when we moved house three years ago it took them four and  a half weeks to connect us!

The television plays a big part in my life and I do miss it when it’s not around (again when we moved out we had no ariel for freeview and had to wait for connection to cable) but I can’t say I couldn’t live without it.

Chocolate? No, I love it, but again I don’t need it and I can live without it.

I’ve really struggled with this, but I think it’s tea! I can’t function in the morning unless I’ve had my cuppa. I can’t stand the smell of coffee in the morning, it has to be tea. I’m not just a normal tea addict though, I have a cupboard full of different teas, green tea, fruit teas, foreign teas etc etc. I really love a cup of Earl Grey, delicious.

photo of many different types of tea.
Some of my tea collection.

Then when I go out I love to go to Meecha for my Matcha Latte Bubble Tea. It’s amazing.

meecha bubble tea

When I was in hospital I cared about nothing except the sound of the tea trolly, sometimes they even let me have two cups.

Tea is all I wish for in life.


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