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  1. angela hamilton

    A few places I have visited and I have pushed my mum in her wheelchair to the toilet I have noticed how narrow some of the corridors leading up to it are rather narrow. One supermarket springs to mind.

  2. Stressy Mummy

    That is so awful. I will admit that I have never really thought about wheelchair access until recently as I look after a boy at school who is sometimes in one and just navigating through normal doors and rooms is hard enough, so I can only imagine how awful that must have been for you.

  3. pennyalexander

    I cant believe this isn't thought through more, but now you describe it I can see it in so many spaces I have seen disabled toilets in.

  4. cassfrugalfamily

    Oh Anne, that's not right at all – you shouldn't have to worry about things like this that should be better thought out by the people who design them x x

  5. ChelseaMamma

    Oh no, that is not good. I am lucky that I am able bodies but even getting a pram / pushchair in baby changing rooms can be a nightmare too and that pales in comparison

  6. craftsonsea

    It's absolutely crazy but sadly doesn't surprise me at all. People seem to think of disabled toilets and changing areas as a box to be ticked rather than something that's actually fit for purpose.

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