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  1. sarahmo3w

    When I looked at the photo I thought the food looked delicious. What a shame it wasn't as good as you'd hoped!
    I love your Pinterest board and am always happy when I see my photos on there – it's such a lovely idea.

  2. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Anne, what a shame the food wasn't up to much, but it would have been far worse had the pudding been a let down too! I do love octopus and calamari, but can imagine it not being a pleasant surprise when you bite into it expecting an onion ring. It's like taking a sip of coffee when you expect tea!

    I've never really gotten into Pinterest, and really should. I am more than happy for you to share any photos and feel quite honoured if you do! Am going to pop over and follow your board!


  3. Neesie

    Oh my to have so many suffering Chicken Pox all at once. I bet you have been run ragged if you've been their nurse on call. I'm not a fan of sushi but strangely I do like calamari! I must admit your takeaway didn't sound the best, but thankfully the Birthday girl seemed to have a good time. I like the sound of that dessert!
    Have a great holiday Birthday girl and hopefully you will be able to enjoy your weekend 😀

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