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  1. A Life Less Ordinary

    Sounds like.a whirlwind of emotions, it's a testament to your strength being able to look for any silver linings when you've been dealt such a bad hand recently! Hopefully your due some of the good stuff now! #postsfromtheheart

  2. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    What a beautiful quote – it's a wonderful way to look at life. Yikes you have had a tough month. The pox are the worst. I hope the treatment you've had has worked as well as your consultant thinks & that you can get more of it soon! #SundaySmiles

  3. Shazia

    Very inspiring to see such positivity in the face of adversity. It certainly has made me pause for a moment and reflect on what I have to be thankful for. It's beautiful and shows great strength of character to be able to see the silver lining in hardship. Great read.

  4. mummyhereandthere

    I can imagine how frustrating it must be, you do amazing to stay hold of the positivitiy. Sending virtual hugs X #mmbc

  5. mrandrev

    I hope you can get at least one more shot of treatment, be sure to fight for it when the time comes. Your positivity is an inspiration to us all.

  6. Fridgesays

    #sundaysmiles where there is a will, there is a way. Your Dr will suggest it again and you will make a miraculous recovery because why wouldn't you? 🙂

  7. Alana - Burnished Chaos

    Your positive attitude is an inspiration to us all. No matter what life throws at us there is always something to be grateful for and to find happiness in. Worrying over the future and what may or may not happen gets us nowhere, focusing on the present and appreciating what we do have is key. Don't give up fighting for your treatment though, your voice deserves to be heard x

  8. optrixxaris1

    I'm rather confused as to if the doctor knows that people usually only get better after three treatments or not. It's disgusting that you rang and rang but haven't been listened to. I'm getting frustrated with them myself. #mmbc

  9. Jayne @ SMABL

    You are such an inspiration Anne. I think sometimes it pays to only look for the positives. When my husband was awaiting his heart transplant I was expecting our second son, all I could think about was the negatives, what if this happens? What if that happens? what if? to everything. But now we take every day as it comes and live it to the fullest.
    I hope this Summer is an awesome one for you and your family 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. Have a lovely weekend and hopefully see you Monday xx

  10. Nikki

    I would totally look for a second opinion with another consultant lovely and hopefully they can try a few more sessions of treatment. Thank you for linking up with #SundaySmiles

  11. differentiationiseasy

    You never cease to amaze me. You are an incredible lady. Truly incredible. I am so glad the chicken pox sufferers are starting to feel better. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you that you get more of the treatment and that it begins to work #PostsFromTheHeart

  12. Joseph and his Amazing Spectrum Coat

    Your positvity is amazing. I have far less to cope with but I think I'm a half empty kind of person! Well done you and keep at it 🙂 x #PostsFromTheHeart

  13. Mrs H

    Your positivity and ability to see the silver linings are inspiring. You've obviously been through so much. I can't even begin to imagine. I'm angry that your consultant has treated you so thoughtlessly. I hope that you hear from him soon and are able to discuss other options. I also hope that you have the amazing summer that you have planned. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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