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  1. Lynn Heath

    I managed to pick up a few bits in the Aldi school uniform sale a few weeks ago, but I haven't even started for my oldest yet – last week in August job!

  2. Annabel Greaves

    I buy branded items from the school website and school shoes as late as I can so they do not grow out of them

  3. Helen Winson

    I but from a mixture of supermarkets and department stores that i know are good quality and long lasting. I buy clothing in dribs and drabs, shoes are brought brought last in the week before they start back.

  4. Ashley Phillips

    I always buy from supermarkets last minute as my daughter never seems to stop growing. Shes just about to start year 3 and shes in age 10-11 clothes

  5. Jodie A Green

    i usually buy the shirts trousers and shoes from the supermarket a few weeks before school starts as i made the mistake of buying early and they grew!!!


    I've been buying bits here and there each week, have a mix of stores I have bought from including some supermarkets. i've got 1 daughter that wrecks everything major tomboy so shes got cheaper shoes than my other daughter that doesnt go through 10 pairs a year lol

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