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  1. Alice | L2MyDaughter

    I haven't watched it (not had a working aerial for over a year!) but have heard about it. I do think raising awareness is important as, until you have experience of autism, it's difficult to really empathise. I say this as someone with little experience of it personally, but with friends/acquaintances who have autistic children and share experiences on social media that frequently open my eyes to things I hadn't previously considered. #BlogCrush

  2. sensationallearning

    Wow, this post raises so many thoughts in my head!
    To answer your questions at the end of it, I missed the whole first season of the A word, but have started following it now, from the beginning of the second series. And I love it. Since I have an autistic son, I was already "aware" (as well as accepting) before watching it.
    To me, it's lovely to watch Joe as he does many things similar to what my kid does, and you don't often see kids on telly who you can relate to in the same way. As my son is still pretty much non-verbal, I don't know what he thinks of the glimpses he's caught of the A word so far. He's been in the room with me while I've been watching it, but he's been busy watching something of his own at the same time, so it's difficult to know how much he's taken in. But he hasn't seemed in any way upset. Also, I don't think he's fully aware of himself being autistic and what that means. Perhaps he might find the show more difficult to watch if he was more aware? Or maybe he'd find it more interesting? Who knows…
    I'm sorry to hear that your son had such a negative reaction to the program. I hope it was just that clip which upset him, and that it's not a general feeling shared by most people on the spectrum. I guess it's a bit like blogging about these things: You wish to share your experiences, to help others or to get advice yourself, to raise awareness etc., but it's always a fine balance between sharing and exposing, always trying to stay respectful as well as truthful. Not always an easy thing… x

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