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  1. sarahmo3w

    Wow! Your snow was so thick! We had some, but only enough for one afternoon of fun. It had melted quite a bit by the following morning (although the schools were closed) and was all gone by the evening.

  2. coombemill

    I was so hoping to take some beautiful snowy photos like this, sadly not a flake for us, I think you had everyone's share!

  3. ModernMom

    We had a fairly significant snowfall last week – though not as much as you! And we're supposed to get more "weather" today. They're calling for snow mixed with freezing rain, so that's not nearly as beautiful! My kids had fun playing in the white stuff this weekend though. And you are right – it is very hard to capture the beauty of the snow falling on camera!

  4. Nes

    I did see that one of worst hit areas was around Birmingham. It was meant to reach us but we hardly got any. I know it looks so pretty but it's not very practical!

  5. comfortspring

    Lovely photos – I must admit that at this point in my life, I'd rather look at the photos of snow than actually try to deal with it. No snow in Florida but we got down to freezing a couple of nights from the cold fronts from the north. That's enough for me. #MMBC

  6. susankmann

    Everything looks so pretty in the snow doesn't it? It's magical and looks wonderful. We've not had any snow yet up in Scotland. Enjoy Christmas lovely xx

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