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  1. The Dad Effect

    Great piece thanks for sharing. My eldest is obsessed with making robots out of cardboard and paper, except he doesn’t decorate them so our house is full of old boxes that just look like rubbish but he loves his robots and woe be to the person that bins them. It’s good to try and protect our kids imaginations.

  2. Marylin

    Oh this is so true! Children’s imagination is really something! In fact, I was quite irked at a comment Zack’s art teacher made on his report card… that he shouldn’t rush to “avoid making mistakes”. Ohhh I got quite rankled by that – there are no mistakes in art, only happy accidents, as Bob Ross said! It stifles imagination saying things like that… I only wish their teacher was available at parent’s evening tonight for me to discuss it, however it seems they don’t have anyone available on the night. :O

  3. Louisa

    My son struggles with creativity if it involves paper, pencils etc but is wonderful with lego and online creations. My girls are much more traditionally creative and will happily sit in a cardboard box for an afternoon. I think taking technology away for an hour or two can do wonders towards getting them to explore their creative side #mmbc

  4. Debs

    Oh I love this. Years ago, we were trying to introduce my blind son to some tactile food (spaghetti, jelly and marshmallows – all in separate bowls) and he was having none of it. then his twin sister arrived, mixed them all up and threw them in the air shouting “sketti mess”. This landed on his head and dripped down his face and onto his chest, we waited for the screams but we were presented with the biggest belly laugh we’d heard from him. He loved it. If we had not had a child to use their imagination, we would probably still be sat there trying to encourage him to touch things but she managed to achieve this in one easy messy step. #TheMMLinky

  5. Lisa Pomerantz

    What a great closing line! Imagine our world if we help on to our fearless curiosity and creativity? I reckon it would be a whole lot different, in all good ways! Lovely post! #mondaystumble

  6. Kel K

    I often think that kids just don’t know how to play any more thanks to the prolific use of tablets, computers and consoles. I hear ‘I’m bored… what can I dooooo?’ several times a day at weekends from my son and he genuinely doesn’t seem to know how to use his imagination. I blame myself for this, as I am usually sat with my laptop too, when really I should be teaching him how to spark his creativity! #TheMMLinky

  7. Helena

    I agree that it’s hard to limit screen time and keep them occupied 24/7. Without imagination I assume a lot of things wouldn’t have otherwise been invented so I’m all for it. #BlogCrush

  8. Lucy At Home

    My eldest (7) complains a lot about being “bored” too. She used to be great with her imagination but now only wants to be entertained by the TV. I know she is finding school hardwork at the moment so she just wants to crash in front of the TV when she gets home. I’m hoping it’s just a phase…

    But her little sister (3), will literally entertain herself for hours! She loves making up stories with little figurines. And if she doesn’t have any figures to hand, she’ll find random household objects to be the characters in her stories. It’s fascinating to watch. I hope she never loses this ability.

    P.S. I think your daughter’s “little world” looks fab! #blogcrush

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