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  1. Carol

    What a wonderful time! I’m so glad you enjoyed your stay and had so many wonderul experiences. That’s what makes life so special. It looks like a great place to stay and visiting with all those bloggers is so special. #Keepingitreal

  2. Jo - SeasideBelle

    It was fabulous to meet you and I will never forget the look on Sean and Darren’s face when you said: “Are you Shiny Sean?” Absolutely hysterical. It really was an amazing weekend.

  3. Karen (Stopping At Two)

    I love all your photos Anne – and your Shiny Sean story has just made me giggle so much. I am really enjoying reliving the experience of the weekend through people’s posts on their blogs and social media. Was lovely to see you, and hopefully see you at another event in the future x

  4. becky

    I have to be helped too since my diaphraghm paralysed a few tyears ago I need things carrying for me all the time especially when I go away amnd my ventilator needs carting about and I struggle so much with that BUT actually it is starting to get easier. You are a very supportive person Anne I am sure you give back just as much as you take if not more in the way of support, was lovely to see you this weekend

  5. Debbie

    Hi Anne, I’m so pleased that you made it to the retreat and had such a wonderful time. The fact that people were so willing to help you must have given you a warm and fuzzy feeling… I think I would have found the yoga class a little unsettling, but everything else sounds right up my street too. The photography sessions sound particularly interesting and I hope you share some tips with us… Food is always a big thing when I’m away from home, it’s not because I don’t have to cook it either as I’ve always been like that.

    Thank you for linking up with #keepingitreal


  6. Lucy At Home

    I’ve heard so many great things about the retreat, especially the photography workshop! It sounds like a great time and your photos look lovely! #blogcrush

  7. Rebecca - Glutarama

    Oh wow, what a beautiful, tranquil part of the world and venue for a complete wind-down. I saw Mel Knibb post about it and was insanely jealous, I’m glad you all got the chance to relax and rejuvenate xxx

  8. saly

    Anne, it was so lovely to have you there and you’re always such a fabulously warm and supportive addition to any group, so carrying a chair here or there is the least we can do x Also – always worth attending these things, you never know when you might meet a Shiny Shaun! Classic!

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