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  1. Millie

    Goodness me. How awful. I hope the JAR project is well-supported and successful in finding a way to cure or at least help reduce what children have to go through. #MixitUp

  2. Lucy At Home

    When I was growing up, I had a friend with Juvenile Arthritis and I remember she had to have a lot of time off school because she had to avoid coming into contact with so many childhood illnesses. I never realised this was due to the medication she was on rather than the actual condition, though. Thank you for raising awareness and I hope that a cure is on the horizon #blogcrush

    • Richard Beesley

      Thank you. A lot of children and young people with JIA have to miss school – sometimes because of hospital appointments (there are a LOT of those), or because of infections due to the medications. Our whole family have to have flu jabs each year so we don’t get flu (hopefully) to protect our daughter from it… and she cannot have the live vaccine at school as she could get the flu from it (so we all get the jabs at the doctor instead). So many things to consider to try to protect her whilst helping her have as normal a life as possible.
      Thank you for your support – we’re working on that cure!

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