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  1. The Reading Residence

    Lots of good waiting! Your holiday plans sound lovely, and with three birthdays to celebrate they are bound to be exciting! Glad you’re all happier with your new sofas now and that Sports Day went well for the girls x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • Anne Sweet

      Yes, we do tend to have exciting summers, but this is the first time we’ve saved our holiday for the summer time. I just hope the weather doesn’t change before we go away. Although, we will still have fun even if it rains all week. x

  2. Kim Carberry

    Hooray for the new, new sofas. hehehe
    It sounds like sports day went well. Congrats to Boo for the trophy…
    Little man is doing so well being taught at home.. I am so ready for the school holidays.
    I hope you got some rain. We had some mid week and it was lovely!
    It sounds like the treatment is going well.

    • Anne Sweet

      Twice now it’s rained, but both times it’s been a really light shower and not helped much at all. I don’t want it to start bucketing down now, but a nice shower overnight would be really nice 🙂

  3. Emma

    Oh I loved catching up on your week 🙂 It’s currently raining here and I can hear it bouncing off the conservatory. Hoping it’s on its way to you too! #WotW

  4. Angela Webster

    It sounds like you have a fun and full summer planned Anne, I’m always in awe of how well you manage to pack it all in. Great news about the treatments, they seem to be helping you which is fantastic. Have a lovely weekend x

    • Anne Sweet

      Sometimes it feels like I don’t do much at all, but I’m excited about all the plans this summer, thanks to my treatments I should be able to manage everything. 🙂

  5. Debbie

    Hi Anne, you were so lucky you could change your new sofa! Or does it come with a comfort guarantee?… We really need new sofas too, they are so old, but as they are comfy we are hesitant. We really should look into covering them… Sports days should be about children having fun. Of course, someone has to win and lose, but that’s part of life and it’s how it’s done that is most important. A person who comes last after having given their all is someone who can hold their head up high as they know they did their very best… A big congratulations to Boo. Is she your daughter who decorates the cakes… You have done yourself proud home educating your son, but where has the time gone? I remember when you too him out of school. Is that book by the two Radio One DJs? I just recognise the names and they were funny. I loved their banter but hated the music, so now I listen to Radio two!… Where in Devon are you going? I grew up in Devon and we did enjoy camping holidays on our doorstep and in Cornwall too. It is a beautiful part of the UK… Be careful what you wish when it comes to the rain, once it starts it may not stop. Or wish for rain only at night?… I am so glad to read that the change in your treatment has benefitted you. And having a treatment just before you go away sounds perfect… And don’t forget that good thing come to those who wait!

    Thank you for shat=ring your week with #keepingitreal


    • Anne Sweet

      Hi Deb, yes the book is by Radio One DJs and it’s really funny. We are going to Devon Cliffs holiday park in Sandy Bay. We usually don’t go so far south like Somerset or Dorset, I’m just hoping we survive the longer journey 🙂

      • Anne Sweet

        And the sofas, well we bought them from a place that offers credit to anyone, at a huge price, and you don’t actually own anything until you’ve made the last payment. This means that you can return anything at any time, but you don’t get the money back you’ve paid. I’m looking at it as we rented the sofas for a few weeks. The new ones are from a big store, the credit was much better and I’m now paying £20 a month less for a year less, and they are so much nicer.

  6. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    It certainly sounds like you have lots of lovely things to look forward to over the summer. I’d quite like a bit of rain too – just to stop everything looking so thirsty. It is nice to have such good weather though. Glad that your treatment is working so well for you too and that you are feeling so much better in this weather. #WotW

  7. chickenruby

    I missed the original sofas, but pleased to hear you’ve got ones now you’re happy with. Sounds like the home ed is going really well. Enjoy the summer holidays and hopefully there will be some rain soon #keepingitreal

  8. Sarah Christie

    I am so glad the treatment is working Anne it must be such a huge relief. I so miss sports days, high school is not as much fun at all. I hope you hear soon about little mans school and that he has a great birthday. We have never been to Devon before it has been on the list for ages but we just haven’t got there x

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