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  1. Sara @ Magical Mama Blog

    Oh I absolutely adore this movie! I still have it on VHS and I will gladly watch it through the squiggly white lines until it completely gives out on me. I remember when AOL started and all the connection sounds that would up leading to “You’ve Got Mail”. I adore this film and think it still hold up today!
    Spell cat…”F-O-X”

  2. Calleen Petersen

    Visiting from #BlogCrush. Did you know that You’ve Got Mail is a remake of the movie “Shop Around the Corner” with Jimmy Stewart? Fun fact.
    I’m a huge fan of The Greatest Showman as well.

  3. Lucy At Home

    Oh I’ve not seen “You’ve got mail” for ages! I used to love this, and yes it really does show how far computing has come, doesn’t it! Haha. The first time I saw The Greatest Showman I wasn’t very keen on it, but I really enjoyed it the second time – another reminder to not always judge something (or someone) without giving them a proper chance. #blogcrush

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