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    • Anne Sweet

      Thank you Jo x I guess I do understand the doctors indifference, and after three years of my illness and two with my daughter, I really am used to it. I just think that if I was a professional and someone came in with something I’d never heard of, I’d really want to know more. So far I have had only one GP get interested in my condition and he showed much delight in looking it up and reading about it. x

  1. chickenruby

    I didn’t realise stiff person syndrome could be triggered by sudden noises so I can image having two crashes would cause you a lot of problems on top of your day to day health worries. I’ve been diagnosed with an auto immune disease jsut running through a million and one tests now to find out which way, it’s all so very tiring isn’t it? #keepingitreal

    • Anne Sweet

      I’m so sorry to hear that Suzanne, I do hope they find out what you have and how to deal with it soon. I remember having a million and one tests the first year I got sick, it’s not much fun. And yes, I really don’t deal with sudden shocks well at all x

  2. Kim Carberry

    Oh my goodness. I can’t believe someone else crashed into you. I am so glad you are all OK. At least it wasn’t in your own car.
    That blanket is gorgeous! I love the colour. x

    • Anne Sweet

      Oh, yes, it would have been a shame to smash up poor Bernard after all he’s been through. It’s rather touching that the garage phones me every week to let me know how he’s getting on. He’s had some major work done. Thanks for the blanket love x

  3. Debbie

    Hi Anne, we were fobbed off by doctor after doctor trying to get a diagnosis for Gregs, so I feel your pain (not literally, of course) and it is so frustrating too. I too hope that you are imagining things and nothing comes of your concerns (meant respectfully!)… Oh no! Little Man will be put off from getting into ever getting into a car at this rate! Shopping on a Saturday should be avoided by you too! Glad no one was hurt this time, though… You’ve done a good job of that blanket. It’s different. The weather is so miserable today I plan to get my crochet out later and see if I can make progress on my gloves!

    Thank you for linking up with #KeepingItReal


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