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  1. Sarah MumofThree World

    The pumpkin is amazing! We’ve never tried using stencils, so we always come up with very basic ideas. I’m with you on garden firework displays, but my husband loves them. We’ve got a box in the garage ready for next weekend when our German exchange boy is here.

    • Anne Sweet

      It’s fine so long as you are careful, my nerves couldn’t cope with two men trying to put on a good show by lighting 3 or 4 fireworks at the same time and barely getting away before the first exploded.

  2. Debbie

    Hi Anne, it is funny how a blue sky in summer reminds me of lawns being mowed and the muffled sounds of people enjoying being outdoors, but a blue sky in winter makes me think of cold noses and frosty breath… I am impressed by that pumpkin. Growing up we would carve swede (I have no idea why it was a swede) and they never turned out that good… I love a good fireworks display, although I’m not keen on the whizzing and banging. There was a time when Gregs got into a right panic with the noise, but now he’s much better. I can see why it would trigger your alarm reflex.

    Popping by rather late from #MySundayPhoto


    • Anne Sweet

      Oh my, yes, you’ve just triggered a memory. I guess pumpkins were not readily available back then, or maybe not liked? But we used to carve swedes too! I can remember the smell now, that’s probably why I don’t like them anymore, haha.

  3. Susan Mann

    Oh I love your firework photos. I am so bad at taking those. the pumpkins are fab too. And a gorgeous sky. It really is such a nice time of year for photos isn’t it? x

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