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  1. Cheryl Thompson

    I so love pumpkins. It sounds like a good event for carving the pumpkins. If you had seen my kitchen table after my children had finished carving, you’d doubly appreciate the carving being done elsewhere. I love the designs your three chose. There are amazing templates around. Wish I could send some of my pumpkin pie around to you.

  2. Emma

    Oh I love the idea of printing out the image to use as a template, that’s brilliant! I always get stuck for ideas when I’m carving and just end up going for the classic scary pumpkin face…it’s still fun though 😛 Happy (belated) halloween! #WotW

  3. Karen

    Those pumpkins look fab! we don”t *do* halloween, and we were also on holiday, but some folks had pumpkins outside their lodges – the squirrels think it’s Christmas LOL!

  4. Sarah Christie

    I love Pumpkin Soup Anne, its my fave soup but have never made it, I should get some bargains next week there will be some bargains about. Kids just love Pumpkin carving don’t they, Joe wanted to do it all on his own this year which killed the control freak in me x

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