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  1. Angela Webster

    Playing games as a family is such a great activity isn’t it, we have a cupboard full of of our favourites. It sounds like everyone has enjoyed being competitive at your house this new year. You are brave watching the walking dead, I am terrified of zombies so can’t even watch the adverts for the show. Have a great weekend x #WotW

    • Anne Sweet

      Angela, one thing I learned from watching the Walking Dead (Both tv series and game) is that humans are way more scary than zombies or any other creatures. Nice to see you back, have a great weekend yourself x

  2. Karen

    That sounds like fun! I got the kids a new board game for Christmas but we haven’t played it yet 😀 I’ve not watched The Walking Dead, maybe I should take a look 😀 Happy New Year and have a lovely weekend #WotW

    • Anne Sweet

      I will admit that I got bored of the Walking Dead series by about the 6th, it just depressed me. I’m definitely not a survivor, it’s way too difficult. The game is set like the comic books and the graphics are very different to normal games. It’s a story mode game though, so you don’t actually have to do much other than make decisions…but some of those decisions are really hard.

  3. Cheryl | TimeToCraft

    Word games are competitive! My husband refuses to play them with me anymore. We’ve had a few games on the go. Really is the week for it. I’m so cynical about the sales, that we keep clear of the shops. January sales doesn’t seem to mean the same thing anymore. I reckon playing games is a far more worthy activity. Hope you have a good week.

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