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  1. Kim Carberry

    Aww! Lovely photos.
    I love that one of your boy and the donkey. So sweet.
    My two love the thought of animals but they are very wary of them and are terrified of dogs even though they’ve never been bitten. x

  2. Sarah MumofThree World

    Lovely photos and lovely to read about how different everyone’s opinions on animals are. I wouldn’t say we’re a family of animal lovers, but I do quite like them! My favourite small animals are guinea pigs. I think I might get a dog when the kids have all left home.

  3. Louisa

    Such lovely pictures. I really like donkeys. My favourite are cats and dogs and rabbits but I quite fancy a few alpacas in the garden too #mmbc

  4. Ojo Henley

    I love the picture with the donkey! We’ve always had some kind of pet here, I think the boys get their love of animals from me. The only one I’m not fussed on, is cats, that hasn’t stopped me having 2 though haha x

  5. chickenruby

    I love the title that you didn’t use lol. My kids loved animals of every shape and size. I’m a big fan of all things flying, birds and butterflies. I also love seeing the big 5 and others on safari, watch out for more photo’s later this month as I’m off to South Africa #mysundayphoto

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