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  1. Angela Webster

    I can be the same as you Anne, I try to plan days out because I think I should but the kids would much rather be at home in our garden. It sounds like everyone had a nice weekend, it really was barbecue weather wasn’t it. Supermarket substitutes always make me giggle, why on earth swap baps for finger rolls, I bet you had a job fitting a burger on those. I hope you have a nice weekend x

  2. Cheryl | Time To Craft

    Oh my goodness, I love the sound of your Monday garden meal. No kidding. The makeshift table, out of season table covering and make do food. Far better than a perfect one that would look better in a diy store’s catalogue. I’m sure your new garden table is going to be more robust, but I do love a quirky gathering! My children are the same with loving time out in the garden. The weather turned, as they went back to school. Hope your garden planning goes well. Oh, and thanks for hosting. #wotw

  3. Kim Carberry

    So sorry you have felt unwell. The weather has been rubbish this past week.
    I would love a proper garden. We just have a concrete back yard. Good luck with the planting.
    It sounds like the kids have had a fab time playing out in the garden.
    Ugh! Our Iceland was all sold out of baps over the weekend. I’m guessing everyone had the same idea as you and had a BBQ. hehehe

  4. Laurie

    So sorry to read that you are not feeling well! I love to plant herbs in my garden too. They are so easy and using fresh herbs in cooking is so nice. I even allow some of them to bloom and use them in bouquets for the house. They make the whole house smell wonderful!

  5. Ojo Henley

    It’s funny reading about your garden fun, I’ve gradually had less and less toys in the garden. Mine of all outgrown them now, even the trampoline went last year! The only toys in my garden now, are the dogs haha. I hope you are feeling better now, even with the blah weather x

  6. Sarah Christie

    Kids love being at home in the garden they just want to sun free, especially with nerf guns, Jack and Joe still love a Nerf war! Sometimes they ambush me when I drive home it drives me mad. Cant believe your order got so messed up, hope you managed to make it all work. Hasn’t the weather been so bad? Thank goodness it is picking up finally x

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