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  1. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    That’s interesting about brown eyes being less prone to certain eye diseases and better at coping with glare. I have hazel eyes (greens-brown) but struggle with glare when driving at night and have needed glasses all the time since I was about 9. My children all have blue eyes but only Jessica has needed glasses so far (due to the squint she inherited from my husband – who is also blue-eyed!). Hope Little Man likes his new glasses and that you get used to the varifocals quickly. #WotW

  2. Justin

    I really didn’t know that about brown eyes! I have brown eyes and have had perfect vision all of my life. Recently though I’ve been getting headaches while reading or writing on my phone or laptop. Whether that’s due to too much exposure or actually eye deterioration I’m not sure…maybe I should go for an eye test lol. #WotW

    • Anne Sweet

      Funny you should say that. when I started my OU course many years ago I went for an eye test because of headaches, and they said my eyesight was fine, so yes, too much exposure can cause problems. Most of my work was done with books, but heck I did so much more reading and writing than I’d done since I’d left school.

  3. Cheryl | TimeToCraft

    I’ve not heard of a link between eye colour and eyesight. Interesting. Hope you get used to your new glasses soon. I guess you are less likely to lose them, if they’re on your head. I have grey eyes, although everyone else calls them blue. Bizarrely they do seem to be getting more blue as I get older. Sure it should be the other way round. Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for hosting.

  4. Karen

    You learn something new everyday! I have green(ish) eyes and for years I was told I needed glasses for driving.. now apparently I don’t but I do need them for reading smaller print.. I do struggle sometimes driving at night although that may be because it’s not something I do very often. Hope you have a lovely weekend

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