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  1. Catherine Green

    Good luck with your MRI scan – my 6 year-old daughter had one a couple of weeks ago and that was scary. It all happened very fast and she was really brave. Luckily she is healthy, the doctors were investigating something that showed up in a routine eye test.

    I know what you mean about needing to stop procrastinating – I gave up stripping wallpaper in my living/dining room about 2 months ago and now it’s annoying me!
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  2. Sheryl

    Hope everything went well! The games sound fun and mahjong is a very Chinese game (always playing during Chinese New Year) but embarrassingly I don’t know how to play it haha. Older folks play it a lot though, and it actually helps to keep their brains sharp.

  3. Rhiann

    Hello once again Anne, I am so sorry that things have been so difficult for you lately, I can certainly resonate as unfortunately, it has been much the same way for me too. I hope things went OK with the MRI, I know from experience that they can be very nerve-wracking. All the best for the rest of the month, and know you are not alone. Hugs, Rhiann x

  4. Naomi

    I hope the mri was bearable and in the end, useful. You’ve reminded me I used to play a version of mahjong too!I might see if I can get an app for it.
    I also hope you find the motivation to find the right food for you. Motivation for anything is hard to sustain… what I would have suggested in a previous life as a healthy weight practitioner i now think sounds so daft! We have enough pressures and challenges- just do the best you can but just like the counselling, reach out for help if you need it

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