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  1. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I love that Lighthouse Family song and it’s such a positive one. I’m so glad you got through your MRI ok, and fingers crossed that you won’t need another one for ages. I hope that the counselling really helps you and that lifting those dark shadows in your mind will also have an impact on your body too. That’s great news about having the wet room and the lift installed; I can imagine it will make a massive difference for you. Spoon theory is something we were very aware of with Jessica – it’s such a good way of explaining how just the normal everyday activities that most of us take for granted can be so exhausting when you live with a chronic medical condition. Hope that you have a restful weekend. #WotW
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  2. Cheryl | Time To Craft

    Lift is such a good word. I can completely get behind the idea that the mind can lead the body, to a certain degree. I hope the therapy helps. The lift sounds like a good decision. Bit of an upheaval to prepare for it, but I’m sure it will be worth it. Nice to hear that the MRI went well. They are a strange experience. I’ve had two. Hopefully you wont need another. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for hosting.

    • Anne Sweet

      We have just got to the part in The Good Place (Netflix) where they are all having MRIs, it certainly makes them look more glamorous than they are. I am hoping there won’t be any more. I am a firm believer in mind over body and have used meditation techniques to recover from migraines many times. It’s frustrating that I can’t get this pain under control.
      Anne Sweet recently posted…Word of the Week 6 – Lifted

    • Anne Sweet

      It’s a hard thing to admit that you are not coping. But it does help, I felt I needed to let out a lot of things which I can’t normally talk about. Everyone has their own solutions and offers of help, but no-one really understands what’s in your head, so just talking helps sometimes. I kind of felt sorry for my therapist.
      Anne Sweet recently posted…Word of the Week 6 – Lifted

  3. Laurie

    Anne, I am so sorry you are feeling down. I think the therapy and other changes you have made will be to your benefit. I am sending good thoughts and hugs from across the pond your way. This quote made me think of you: “Seasons of loss, like the colder seasons, are the hardest ones to endure, even if you logically understand they won’t last forever.”- Mari Andrew
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  4. Lisa notes

    Lifted is such a beautiful word. It’s full of hope. I’m glad that hope has begun paving a broader path for you this week through the changes in your home and in finally getting to talk with a counselor. I know that doesn’t mean things will be fine and dandy tomorrow, but even a little warmth on a cold winter’s day can remind us that spring still exists.

  5. john Adams

    It sounds like lifted was the perfect word for your week! Quite a bit to feel ‘lifted’about. My week has been ‘demanding’ Bets leave it there! (not doing the linky but hadn’t visited in a while!)

  6. Karen Blower

    I love that song 🙂 I have heard of the spoons theory but fortunately not had to use it myself. I really hope your counselling will help you. I like the idea of a lift myself! I genuinely hope that things take an upward turn for you now xx

  7. Cynthia

    I am so happy to have stumbled across your blog and link up! I will be adding my contribution in a few minutes. First I want to say congrats on counseling. Accepting and getting help when needed is not easy. I know the darkness all too well and never wish for anyone else to experience it. So happy that you are getting a lift in your home! I love anything that can improve our lives. Anyways, I look forward to reading more of your blog and getting to know you!

  8. Cynthia

    Me again. LOL… I misunderstood the word of the week and used the one you did. Oopsie! Now I get it and will be coming up with my own for future link-ups. Thanks again for hosting these!

  9. Angela Webster

    Well done for reaching out and getting the help you need, it aleady sounds like you are feeling lighter and I’m sure that with more sessions your mind will be a much clearer space. That’s great news about the house adaptations they will make such a difference to your life which is fantastic. It sounds like your spirits have been lifted already x

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