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  1. Kate

    Lot of powerful reflecting going on here which is the first step to changing things for the better. Sorry about your fall – not fun at any time of year. You keep on keeping on in the most inspirational way. I like your idea of prioritising things to look forward to – I need to do more of that. #MMBC and Happy New Decade!

  2. Catherine Green

    Keep working on it, and you will succeed! Those practical improvements sound great, and once you have more mobility at home you will feel better in yourself I am sure. Happy New Year!

  3. Cynthia

    The improvements you have planned to make getting around your home easier will make an amazing difference. It’s the same when I leave the house with a mobility aid. Having what I need to decrease my chances of falling at hand relieves my mind and body from unnecessary stress.

  4. Rhiann

    It’s so great to see you participating again, and I do hope that your Christmas and New Year went well and you were able to enjoy the festivities that the season brings. You made such wonderful reflections by using the prompts and is inspiring to see the planning in changing things for the better. I hope the home improvements come to fruition and make things easier in getting around and for improved mobility. All the best for 2020!

  5. Niamh

    I definitely held the same belief that the mind could heal anything but it’s easily dismissed when we are in high pain daily. The revamping of your house sounds great how great these changes can make you feel much safer in your home. Best of luck with the decluttering handing off items to charity is a great way to recycle I’m currently building up to parting with 5 vacuum pack bags of clothes that don’t fit anymore lol xx

    • Anne Sweet

      It’s so difficult isn’t it, if positivity was the key to wellness then I wouldn’t be sick anymore, but my body has other ideas. However, whenever I’m having a massive flare/attack it’s keeping my mind in control that get’s me through it. Panicking only makes me worse, I’ve had several A&E visits in the past for things which I know I can control with steady breathing and meditation techniques. As for the clothes, I’ve finally packed up my jeans to go, they used to be my staple item of clothing but now my skin is so sensitive I just can’t wear denim anymore. 🙁 xx

  6. Elizabeth

    Your post was very informative and something I could completely relate with. I am also wanting to purge clutter and fear falling on clutter. My son has a habit of leaving Transformers around the house so I get the kid’s toys too.

    I wish I could give you a big hug because it is hard to find people who understand how I feel or what I experience because sometimes the pain can make life seem so difficult/impossible. I go through a flux every few days when my pain is high and I want to quit. Not literally quit but just quit trying. Then I remember the pain will ebb.

    Happy New Year

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