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  1. Kim Carberry

    It is hard for the kids at the age they are missing their friends. My two are desperate to see theirs but obviously can’t.
    So sorry you didn’t have a good day yesterday. Sending hugs.
    Poor Star, year 11 is a big year and it must be so hard for her.
    hehehe! My youngest sounds a lot like Boo. She is more interested in chatting to her friends.
    Have you tried to get your Little Man to use a computer for some of his English work and type it instead of writing it. I know he needs the writing practice but at least he will be practicing his spelling and putting sentences together.
    I am so pleased you got another shop and stocked up well. x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…What I loved in March 2020!

    • Anne Sweet

      oooh you’ve just given me an idea. He has an English project he needs to complete today and I’m going to check if there is a way he can do it online. He does 90% of his maths online so he’s happy with that. Thanks x

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