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    • Anne Sweet

      Thank you Enda, I’m hoping this extra boost will help. I’m hyper at the moment but give me a couple of hours and I’m going to be a sleepy mess for the rest of the week! Next week will be better.

  1. Kim Carberry

    I still need to nag my girls on a Monday morning more than any other day of the week. They do everything themselves but they’re always on a go slow. lol
    I miss the school runs too. I never thought I would but looking back now they were a fun part of the day.
    Oh no! What a worry you have with your girls. I hope Star manages every afternoon and I hope your hospital treatment goes OK. x
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  2. Jenny

    Yes every day is a little manic in our house too. Sorry to hear you are struggling with the new rules. My youngest isn’t too keen on school either.

  3. Jayne Armishaw-Bagnall

    Aw, I know manic Monday’s well! We may home-school but I still have to motivate the eldest at times!
    I have to admit though, the school run is something I have never missed.
    I hope the treatment continues to go well for you. x

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