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  1. Kim Carberry

    I always forget the you have got 2 older children with you not writing about them much.
    Star is the same as my youngest. The matter of a few days and she’d be in the year below. Wow, she is tall coming from me at 5ft 5. lol
    hahaha! My youngest turned 13 and has turned into a stroppy teenager too. I am blaming the hormones.
    Ahh! Your little man was a nice surprise. That is sad he can’t remember you walking. x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Week 40 of #Project366 – A photo every day for a year!

  2. Mandi

    Wow your daughter is tall, I’m only 5ft 2 so all mine will eventually overtake me. I already have the stroppy teenage stage with E, it’s quite stressful as she’s much more outspoken than her two sisters were!

    • Anne Sweet

      My two eldest are over 6ft. Their Dad isn’t that tall, but I was always the shortest person in my family so the tall genes are definitely coming from my parents.

    • Anne Sweet

      Can you believe that in my 40s I was fit, healthy and full of boundless energy. I ran around after everybody and had a very full life. I sometimes think that I burnt myself out and caused my illness which occurred overnight when I was 50 🙁 I wouldn’t have changed having my babies, I just wish I could do more for them, especially the youngest one.

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