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  1. Claire

    Oh totally muddled is a good phrase for me too lol. Sorry to hear they were ill. I’ve got appointment days muddled in the past – I blame it on us Mums having too many things to remember! We do well with all we DO get right! 🙂 Open mic night sounds fun for Star. Yes, a new month and fresh start- Happy October xxx

  2. Joleisa

    It happens to all of us, Anne. It’s just a part of growing up, lol. Well, around here we didn’t get to do our word of the week but I still like coming round to see how other people sum up their week.
    Well, our network provider sent to say that we would have intermittent service and it was more out than in, so not a lot got done that needed wifi.
    Hopefully next week we all will be back to normal

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