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  1. Kim Carberry

    I was just putting the washing out on the line and shouted my fella to come and look at the moon, it was still out. We’ve not put the heating on either. We get the sun in the living room all morning then the back of the house by the afternoon. I have been filling a hot water bottle and that’s enough so far.
    I hope Graham is feeling better now. x

  2. Amila

    Both these are beautiful pictures. The blanket is really beautiful and it shows your creativity. Colour combinations are attractive and it looks cozy as well.

  3. Ruth

    I really love the colours of your blanket. It really does look very warm and cozy. So sorry to hear that Graham has been so unwell. Sending much love and praying for a good recovery. Take care Anne xx

  4. Sarah MumofThree World

    So sorry to hear about Graham! That must have been very scary for you all. I hope he is on the mend now.
    The trees are beautiful, as is your blanket. We’ve had our heating on a bit, but we are keeping the thermostat on 18.5, so it’s not on that much.

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