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  1. Carol

    Oh I do believe lots of children and adults must enjoy this garden. The owner is really clever to make the minions. It’s like a big smile in the front yard.

  2. Kim Carberry

    That is fantastic, the minions are fun and the fairy garden is so cute. You are right, I bet any kids who walk past it love it.
    People do actually stop at our front garden, usually it’s just to let their dogs wee on our garden planters. lol

  3. Jayne

    How fun! I can see why you love it so much.
    We get loads stop outside ours because it’s an old lock house. I’m sure they think it’s some kind of museum. Random walkers try to get through our gate for a nosy daily. We were chopping wood out the front one day and we had quite the audience. Me and Craig were crying saying that we felt like we were in the Black Country Museum or something. I thought they were going to ask where the lathe was and what we were crafting haha!
    It can get really annoying. Put me in the middle of a field with no one around hehe. xx

  4. Ruth

    That is such a cute house! There’s a house that I walk past on the way to church that has tons of eccentric decorations. I always wonder what the inside of the house is like.

  5. Jack

    Oh wow! That’s great. I also love mentions, but Kevin is my favourite. Thanks for sharing your great experience. That’s nice to hear

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