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  1. Karen

    I’m glad things have been better for you all this week. We call Sir the Little Man.. he’s twenty this year and slightly taller than me so I think the name can stay LOL!

  2. Joleisa

    I am so happy for you. Sounds like you had a good week despite the migraine and excess chocolate, lol. TlM is a good term and those who have been reading your blog will know what you mean. I really do hope you find a church family to fellowship with soon too. That would be nice.

  3. Kim Carberry

    I am glad things are a bit better for you and your family!
    The migraine sounds awful, you do right taking it easy. School holidays are so different now the kids are older. I know my two would rather do their own thing.
    I hope you have had a fab time seeing Animal Farm. I will always think of your Little Man as your little man no matter how tall he is. lol

  4. Cheryl | Time To Craft

    I’ve been feeling the same about the change in holidays now they are older. I have one at school. Gone are the days of organizing activities. He’s more than happy to do his own thing. Glad your week has been better and you’ve grabbed time to recover. Migraines are awful. Hope you enjoy your trip to the theatre.

  5. Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

    So glad things are better for you all.
    Sorry to hear you had a migraine, they are vile aren’t they?! I’ve just got over one after being up with my eldest all night being poorly. They leave me feeling really drained!
    Hope you had a fab time seeing Animal Farm. xx

  6. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I’m glad the week was a better one for you. Easter used to be one of my favourite holidays too. Glad you have had time to relax and recover from your migraine and that’s good that the Little Man is having a growth spurt but bittersweet too! I quite like TLM as a replacement pseudonym if he’s not quite so little anymore. Hope you both enjoyed seeing Animal Farm. So glad that things are looking more positive for you on the mental health front and you’ve got some different types of therapy coming up to help with that too. #WotW

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