The World Of Country Life

We were on holiday last week and stayed at Devon Cliffs holiday park in Sandy Bay, Exmouth. We have been there before and had fond memories of The World of Country Life which is in walking distance from the holiday park.

Sunny Days

We were so lucky with the weather while we were away, but the forecast had been not so good for Wednesday, so this was the day we decided to go. If memory served us right, there was just as much to do under cover as there was outside.

As usual, the forecast was wrong and we had another sunny day. This meant lots of fun in the outdoor adventure park. The kids were enthralled with the all wooden combine harvester, which was a newer addition as we did not remember it before.

The Little Man Driving H4rry the Harvester

There is so much to see and do at The World of Country Life, I wouldn’t be able to fit it all in one blog post, but I’ll try and include some of the best bits for now.

A Trip Down Memory Lane.

There could be no other way to describe this than a trip down memory lane.

Memory Lane

You get to walk down a replica of a Victorian street, minus the cobblestones (which is a huge plus for wheelchairs and buggies.) They are not just shop fronts either, you can go inside and examine the historical exhibits. There is even a pub with a piano and bar games you can play. 

There is so much more in the exhibition centre, from old farm machinery, to fantastic old cars and even a couple of mini trains.

The Little Man would be a perfect driver for this train

I think you could spend a whole day just walking around the museum. I must have over a hundred photos from in here and I didn’t spend much time looking at the old cars, I left that to Graham.

The Animals

Well, you can’t have Country life without animals and this place has plenty. You can feed the goats and sheep in the field, they are happy to come for a feed and a stroke. You can’t feed the Donkey but he’s happy to come for a stroke over the fence. There are also ostriches strutting their stuff out in the field. 

Over in the Old Farmyard you can meet a mummy pig with her piglets which are just too cute, but my favourite was the two Alpacas, Sven and Olaf. I think I can guess where their names are from. 

More Animals

We were so lucky, we arrived at the goats just in time for their daily walk. It was hilarious, the kids were told to just follow the goats and not pull, but to let go of the lead if they ran off. We were lucky enough not to have any runners, but the kids had a real fun time walking their goats. Some were insistent on headbutting any other passing goat, and some were just too stubborn to move. I’ve got some videos to edit to show how much fun they were having. In the meantime here’s a photo.

Taking a goat for a walk

There were lots of Birds of Prey to see too. Each day they do a show but we didn’t catch it on our day. We also didn’t catch the ferret racing, but there is just so much to do, and we didn’t have time for everything.

The kids had so much fun walking the goats, we didn’t think that anything would top this. Then we went on the Deer Train. We had been on before on our last trip eight years ago, but I hadn’t remembered much about it. I think mostly because I was 6 months pregnant and not prepared to hand feed the animals, and the girls were a lot younger at the time, two and four years old. This is an amazing experience, but you need to be prepared to be hands on and not afraid of animals getting really close and personal. (oh, and to be prepared to get a bit messy too!)

The Deer Train

The train is open carts pulled by a tractor and everyone climbs aboard expectantly. The train then rumbles along and the driver, through speakers in each cart, tells you about the unusual sheep in the field. Then he tells you about the deer and llamas that you pass as the train goes around in a circle then stops. 

While circling the driver has thrown out feed for the animals and they come rushing over. Then the driver walks up and down the cart filling everyone’s hands with feed and the animals get right up close to fill their tummy’s. The deer are so beautiful and friendly and once they’ve moved on, the llamas come up for their turn. Finally it’s time for the babies to feed, there is a pecking order here. 

The cart was filled with squeals and laughter as the animals came up to feed. Hands and clothes got mucky and I remembered what I’d forgotten before. The girls had been terrified last time, and I couldn’t feed, so we’d huggled up in the middle of the cart to avoid them! This time though, was amazing. Even better than the goat walking!

More Fun

We had fond memories from our previous trip of the large pirate ship play area, which is indoors on a bed of sand, so great for any weather. The ship can keep kids playing for hours, there is so much to explore and once their imaginations get going you’ll find them role playing their own pirate adventures. Well, that’s what my kids did. I remembered joining in last time, holding my then two year old, Boo’s hand and helping her climb the decks and walk across the rope bridge. This time they didn’t need any hand holding and Graham and I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee while they played.

Ahoy! Me Hearties
It’s a Pirate Life for me!

A Great Day Out

The World of Country Life is really worth a visit, it’s a fabulous day out for the kids but there is loads for the adults to enjoy too. 

The kids (and Graham) also had fun on the air bouncer and the huge slides. There are also swings, roundabouts, trampolines, soft play centres, bouncy castles, sand pits and so much more.  

Accessibility is really good, I had no trouble at all in my wheelchair, although the battery was getting very low towards the end. Pushchairs would be no problem at all, and there are plenty of paths if the grass gets wet or muddy. I had to transfer from the wheelchair to go on the Deer Train but there is a sheltered area to leave wheelchairs and pushchairs. There are two steps up onto the train cart and the seats are wooden and hard inside. 

The pricing isn’t too bad either, it’s £55 for a family of five (£45 for four), which is great value. I checked my Kids Pass the day before and found out I could save on two of the kids tickets, a total of  £22.40! Once inside they have a few rides dotted around that will eat up your pound coins (conveniently we didn’t have any, but the kids were fine with that anyway.) We didn’t have food there but the coffee was reasonably priced, and you can always take a picnic, there are plenty of tables both inside and out you can use. We had to pay an extra £1.50 for the Deer Train, but you get the food included (Which is normally £1 a bag) It’s really worth it. 

Kids Pass

I saved over £22 on admission to The World of Country Life with my Kids Pass. You can save too on all sorts of attractions and eateries. You can try Kids Pass for yourself for just £1 for 40 days.*

Disclosure: I am a KidsPass Mumbassador. *If you don’t cancel your account at the end of your trial you will be charged the full membership.

Country Kids linky

Word of the Week -Farm

Half term is flashing by so quick. I’ve so enjoyed not having to rush around in the morning and just chilling with the kids. I think we may have chilled a bit too much though as we didn’t leave the house for five days!
The kids didn’t seem to mind, they’ve been playing with their toys and crafting, and generally making a right old mess for Daddy to clean up. (sometimes I’m happy there are things I can’t do anymore, like pick things up off the floor!)

We finally had our day out yesterday, I’d booked us into a pumpkin carving session at a local farm. Good job it was local as I’d only gone and booked the wrong day!! So now we are pumpkin carving on Saturday instead. At least we have something to look forward too, again.

As we were already at the farm I thought we’d take a look around. We’ve been meaning to visit for a long time, this farm is literally five minutes away in the car. We walked into the shop and I couldn’t believe how big it was, I mean it was as big as a supermarket. There was a huge fruit and vegetable section, a bakery, a butchers, a gift shop, loads of chutney’s and jams, biscuits, cheese, tea, coffee and a lot more! I bought cheese…lots of it, cheese with nuts, cheese with fruit, spicy cheese, blue cheese. All in small pieces, mind, just so we can try it out and go back and buy our favourites. I did buy a load of other stuff, but I wanted to get even more so I’m thinking we’ll be going back there again, probably very soon.

After we left the shop we spotted a mobility shop so we decided to go and look in there. The we discovered just how huge an area this was and there were so many other shops. I managed to persuade hubby that he didn’t need to go into the golf shop and we went into a big warehouse instead. I haven’t been to a warehouse in ages and we had great fun looking around this one. They sold just about everything. I have been wanting some new Christmas decorations for a while so we stocked up on them, and they were half the price you’d pay in a regular shop. We let the kids have some little things to play with (craft stuff again!) and I found some lovely fluffy bed socks for my freezing cold feet (96p a pair!)

We left exhausted, but happy. And my purse was a lot lighter. I think when we go on Saturday it will be for the pumpkin carving only, but me and the hubby are planning on another trip to that warehouse before Christmas.

The Reading Residence

Hatton and the Water Wars!

We were excited to be invited to spend the day at Hatton Adventure World and try out their new Water Wars.

You can do Water Wars and Water Battles but I’d advise you to do both at the same time and bring spare clothes and towels because you are going to get very wet!

We arrived at Hatton just before lunch and had a walk around the animals, played on the helter skelter and had a picnic before attempting the water events.

The first event was Water Wars and my other half and the kids were first in line. You work as a team and fire water filled balloons at your opponent. The result is that you have lots of fun and get wet in the process.

Then it was onto the battle field where you fill up your water pistol and fire at will, there are hay bales to hide behind too. Everyone had loads of fun and got really really wet!

Here is a short video highlighting the fun we had.

I was talking to some other mum’s there and they agreed that these two new additions were fantastic for the summer and that it was definitely worth a visit. The kids had loads of fun and because I’d brought towels and spare clothes they were able to get dried off afterwards to enjoy the rest of the farm.

The Little Man really enjoyed the pedal JCB’s and the fairground rides.

They all liked the gold panning where they exchange their pieces of gold for a medal.

There is so much to do at Hatton Adventure world, including sand play, parks, slides, bouncy castles, zip line, picking peas (and other seasonal vegetables) magic and puppet shows, indoor play, picnic areas, restaurant and cafe’s. Then of course you have the farm animals.

There are also the indoor reptiles and the amazing guinea pig village. The children are actively encouraged to pet the animals at certain times. Boo feel in love with this particular guinea pig.
There is also a regular falconry display which proves to be really popular. We’ve seen it before so we missed it this time but only because we had so much else to do. 
When the kids get older I’m pretty sure they will enjoy the lazer combat, we were watching while the kids were on the slide and it looks great fun. You can also go for  a ride around the farm in an army truck. 
Hatton Adventure World is one of our favourite places to visit. It’s not far from us too being in Warwick and really not far from the M40. 
Tickets are £14.95 each (basic price) but you can save up to 25% by booking online.
Everything is included in the price, rides, bouncy castles, water wars, laser combat etc. There are extra charges for food and drink but you are welcome to bring a picnic and there are lots of picnic areas. 
I’d recommend Hatton Adventure World to all my friends and family, it really is a great place to visit.
That’s not all though, adjoining the Adventure World is Hatton Shopping Village with lovely quaint shops. You have to stop by the sweet shop! You can also buy shoes, bags, clothes, antiques, food and there is a fantastic garden centre…to name just a few places. There is no entry fee to the shopping village so it’s worth a visit. I keep saying that we’ll go without the kids one day. 

Disclosure – We were given free admission to Hatton Adventure World to try out the new Water Wars and Water Battles, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Hatton Adventure Farm Half Term Pumpkin Event

Hatton Adventure Farm is in the West Midlands and this coming half term they are hosting a Halloween Pumpkin Event and I have four tickets to give away to one lucky winner.

Children can pick their own pumpkins and carve them in a halloween themed marquee. There is also a pumpkin hunt around the farm and lots of other activities for families to enjoy.

Of course you are still able to visit the farms 300 plus animals and play in their indoor play area. There is also an outdoor adventure playground, tractor rides, fairground rides, falconry displays and so much more to enjoy on your visit.

You can find out more on the Hatton Adventure Farm website.

Now, if you would like the chance to win four tickets to take your family to Hatton please pop over to Raisiebay’s Facebook page. The competition will be open until Tuesday 21st October and winner announced shortly afterwards. I hope to get the tickets posted out by Wednesday 22nd so that you can enjoy a day out during pumpkin week which runs from 25th October to 2nd November.

Good luck!

National Forest Adventure Farm

We were lucky to be invited to visit the National Forest Adventure Farm in Burton-on-Trent earlier this week.
We found the park pretty easily after travelling up on the M42 and the A38. Lucky as it was my first long trip in a few years.

We started the day with a tractor ride around the farm, we had to spot the scarecrows along the way. The Littlies found this really exciting, but I do believe it was OH who was shouting out ‘Scarcrow’ the loudest.

The Littlies were excited to go to the playground so we headed over and they were straight into the sand pit. They then tried the bouncy castle slide, the Jumping Pillow, the Water Splash and the Mini Assault Course. We came back later for a go on the Go Karts and the Little Man was playing Beat The Goalie. A great time was had by all, even Star was able to join in with a few of the activites. We let her in the Water Splash while it was quiet (only us) even though she’s not supposed to get wet.

A big favourite was the Quad Barrel Ride, where they rode around a mini maze in big barrels.

We then went to look at the animals. Here are some of the smaller ones. Throughout the day there are animal demonstrations to help you learn more about the animals and how they are cared for.
We had lunch at the restaurant which was really busy. We had to wait quite a while for our food, but it was nice when it arrived and lovely big portions which meant it was worth the cost. If you don’t want to dine at the restaurant you can go to the smaller cafe or bring a picnic. There is even an option to purchase a picnic and then you can eat outside in one of the picnic areas.
One of our favourite activities of the day was making scarecrows. The Farm is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the largest display of scarecrows which is currently 3311 and is held in Cincinnati. You can take a scarecrow with you or make one in the scarecrow workshop. We had loads of fun making ours which were numbers 1951, 1952,1953. I really hope they reach their target and break the record.

Sticking with the theme of Scarecrows the farms 11th annual Maize Maze features the Scarecrow’s Wedding, the new book from Julia Donaldson. There is a quiz you can do on the way around the maze by finding the clues. We didn’t manage to do the complete maze as it is over 3 miles of pathways and bridges. We managed the shorter flower maze and found the Wedding Scene in the big maze. It was all very exciting, but also very tiring, especially for Star. (Maybe we should have tried it out earlier before her energy was waning.) 
We had a fabulous day and would love to go back again sometime. I thought the entry price looked a little high at first, but I didn’t really know what to expect and there is really so much to see and do the price seems very reasonable. Tickets are around £9.75 each with under 2s free. It’s cheaper to go in the winter and off peak. 

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Disclaimer: We were given free admission to the farm for the purpose of this review all thoughts and opinions are my own.

A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

Some people only write reviews when things go wrong with products, which is good because it lets people know that there could be potential problems. I’ve also seen negative feedback with say things like, I had to return this item because the colour did not suit me…is this useful?

I write reviews on most items I buy because I like to give genuine feedback. If I have a genuine problem with a product I will write my review in the appropriate place.

I write reviews on my blog too, but they are mostly positive. Why? Because I only write reviews for the things I’ve loved. If I don’t love them I let the person who sent me them know with details why and then let them decided if they would rather me write a negative review or not write one at all. It’s always the latter.

This is my blog, my place and I’ll let you know about the things I love. If you want to find out what other people have hated about the product then you will need to look elsewhere.

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