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  1. Actually Mummy...

    I was going to do a post of my own on this, but now I've seen yours I don't think I'll bother. Can I come to yours if you win?
    (I just had to click on that cake recipe, and now my salad is looking far too uninteresting)!

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      I had a brilliant night in recently with friends, playing board games, that was my first idea, but then I saw your post so had to come up with something else, but yes, lets combine, games, movies and lovely cake 🙂

  2. katchambers

    What is the movie you would watch with your husband, after the kids have gone to bed? Hubby and I love Period Dramas so for us it might be something like "Young Victoria" or "Julie and Julia".

  3. lovely2cu

    My son's now 16 and we haven't had a 'big night in' for ages as I'm always taking him out to a local music venue for big nights out. Tonight we're staying in and having a curry and film night, and he can like it or lump it! And I will NOT be letting him escape to his room to watch re-runs of family guy – he can indulge me for once! Not quite seven hundred and fifty quid's worth – more seven pounds fifty – but I'm quite looking forward to it 🙂

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